Youth With A Mission Urban Ministries Winnipeg (YWAM UMW) is a ministry of YWAM International. Founded by Kim & Jamie Arpin-Ricci, this exciting ministry is located in the West End of the vibrant city of Winnipeg, MB on the Prairies of central Canada. While surrounded by urban challenges such as racism, poverty and crime, the area is also a place of ethnic and cultural diversity, natural and architectural beauty, and a true community of unique individuals and families. It offers an exciting, unified and hope-filled environment for ministry and missions.

YWAM UMW was launched as a pioneering ministry from YWAM Vancouver, an urban ministry dedicated to reach, mobilize, and equip people and communities in urban activities locally and globally. It is also part of the larger YWAM Canada.

Youth With A Mission Canada is a vibrant body of active ministries involved in a dynamic mix of service through the country and across the globe.  With more than 20 centres from coast to coast, ministries include discipleship, short & long term missions, leadership development, evangelism, mercy ministries, urban ministries and much, much more.

After decades of service across the nation, Youth With A Mission in Canada has grown into a vital and significant expression of the Body of Christ.  We are excited to see it grow and mature, reaching higher goals in its endeavour to serving all people to “Know God and Make Him Known”.

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